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We provide you with the peace of mind to grow your agency with a reliable payroll service you can trust.

About our company

It combines the strengths of financial planning and investment management.

Our contractor service ensures timely payment and accessible support for payroll inquiries, offering contractors peace of mind.

We offer a transparent, compliant, and reliable umbrella service, enabling everyone to concentrate on their expertise. We ensure accurate and timely payments for contractors, allowing them to focus on their tasks. Our straightforward onboarding process enables contractors to register within hours and begin work promptly.

Payroll with peace of mind

1st Pay offer payroll services to contractors and freelancers, aiming to provide them peace of mind and assurance that we are diligently working to ensure their earnings are received smoothly.

For agencies, ensuring timely and accurate payment to employees is crucial for success. We collaborate with you and your contractors to ensure everyone is paid promptly and compliant with regulations.


We make sure to stay updated on evolving government legislation and keep you informed accordingly.

On Time

Through consistent payment runs, we ensure your business stays operational and your staff remains content.


We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the service we provide meets your specific requirements.


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The right choice for you

When choosing between payroll structures, it’s essential to consider factors such as changing legislation and the typical length and value of a contractor's assignments. With many years of experience and an unbiased overview, we work with providers of both payroll structures.

Here are some of the industries where we can assist working professionals, though our services are not limited to these sectors. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Medical Service
Transport & Logistics
Project Management & Admin
Finance & Legal


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